Sustainability Tracking And RoadMap Tool

Track, Measure, Authenticate and Certify ESG Measures as per global standards - GRI, SASB, CDP, GHGP

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Digitise ESG

Get a complete view of sustainability measures and visualise, analyse and verify ESG data in one single place.

Reduce Carbon Emission

Track carbon emissions, Discover carbon offset projects

Source Sustainably

Track sustainably sourced products, Prevent counterfeit and Trade recycled materials

"ESG reporting made simple, measurable, affordable, transparent and trusted"

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Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability reporting up to 10x faster and 99% cheaper.

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  • Emission Blocks data tracking
  • Carbon measuring & Emission calculation
  • Authentication
  • Certification
  • Auditor Marketplace
  • Carbon offset market place
  • Carbon trade market place
  • Sustainable sourcing marketplace
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Water & Energy

Track responsible consumption of water and electricity. Invest in carbon offset projects such as Rainwater harvesting, Renewable energy, Forest conservation etc

Recycled Materials

Track usage of recycled plastic and packaging materials. Connect with genuine recycled material sellers.

Circular Economy

Source sustainably from circular economy marketplace. Connect with climate friendly product sellers for sustainable sourcing.

Carbon Emission

Track emissions from employee commute, business travels, transportation & logistics. Discover and invest in carbon offset projects from ethical sources with end-to-end visibility.

Ethical Labour

Consistently track and update Inclusivity, diversity & ethical labor practices in factories, plantations, farms etc

Food & Drugs Safety

Track provenance and sustainable sourcing process, Prevent counterfeit.

Easy to use

Plug & play, Drag & drop, Multi level authentication workflows. Create ESG instances at few clicks. Enjoy integrated no code app across multi sites.

Sustainable Communities

Full visibility to consumers for assessing sustainable companies before making purchases.

Trusted & Transparent ESG Data

Blockchain enabled multi level fact checks & audits with ESG rating